It is the duty of every student:

  1. To strive to become an educated and cultured citizen of the country.
  2. To study diligently and to be punctual in attendance.
  3. To respect the teachers, HM, VP and Principal within and outside the school premises. They should be respectful and cordial with all the staff members of the school/JC.
  4. To carry Identity Card, college calendar as well as all the relevant learning material to school/college regularly.
  5. To come to school clean, well-groomed and neatly dressed.
  6. To come to school in decent dress on birthdays & on special occasions as per the instructions of school.
  7. To keep the surroundings neat and tidy.
  8. To enter and leave the classroom only with the permission of the teacher.
  9. To sit upright in the classroom and be attentive.
  10. To complete the class work, home assignments, projects etc. neatly and promptly, complying with the dates/deadlines set by their respective teachers.
  11. To be polite and humble.
  12. To come to school in uniform even when coming to office or attending extra classes/activities after regular school/college hours.
  13. To protect the school property.
  14. To have compassion for animals and plants and to take care of the environment; to value and preserve the rich heritage and composite culture of the country.
  15. To obey parents and help the younger pupils.
  16. To carry the school calendar, note down the announcements correctly so as to inform the parents.
  17. To observe silence in the library.
  18. To bring healthy food to school and to avoid junk food
  19. To keep the washrooms neat.
  20. To use water judiciously and to turn off the faucets, fans and lights when not needed and before leaving the classroom.
  21. To participate actively in CCA, cultural programme, national functions etc.,
  22. To always speak the truth
  23. To respect the National Anthem, National Song and the National Flag; to safeguard public property and to abjure violence
  24. To accept and appreciate the spirit of unity and inclusiveness; to report the incidents of bullying or acts of indiscipline to the teachers immediately.
  25. All inexplicit righteous acts, in case not mentioned above, are to be subsumed under this code of conduct.


It is the duty of every student to refrain from indulging in the acts mentioned below:

  1. The following acts and conduct on the part of the students will amount to misconduct:
    1. Any act that demeans or is arrogantly expressive against the spirit of inclusiveness and harmony of the school/JC
    2. Misbehaviour towards teachers or any other employee of the school
    3. Late coming to class,labs, library, causing disturbance to the peaceful activities of the class
    4. Absence from classes without intimation to/ permission of the teacher/ the Headmaster/Headmistress/the Vice-Principal/the Principal
    5. Bullying / intimidating others
    6. Eve-teasing/misbehavior towards fellow students
    7. Damaging/disfiguring school property
    8. Organising a strike/disruption of classes
    9. Association with banned organizations
    10. Propagating communal/caste/regional feeling amongst the students
    11. Indulging in physical violence in any manner
    12. Disobeying lawful orders of the staff/teachers, the HM/the Vice—Principal/the Principal
    13. Bringing unauthorized people/articles inside the school
    14. Misuse/ theft/ rigging/ pilferage/ damage to school’s/ JC’s/ students’/teachers’ /staff property
    15. Any behaviour unbecoming of a student / wilful disobedience / delinquency
    16. Indulging in acts of moral turpitude
    17. Use of unfair means, tampering of marks, copying / cheating during exams.
    18. Intentional disturbance in class
    19. Not submitting journals, assignments and monthly reports on time
    20. Not coming to SChool/JC in proper uniform, identity card, School bag etc
    21. Any incident of untoward behaviour or waywardness
    22. Use of unparliamentary language
    23. Littering and loitering in and around the school/JC
    24. Driving unlawfully(without Driving License, without helmet etc)
    25. Smearing the walls or scraping the desks with grafiiti
    26. Bringing electronic gadgets to school
    27. Spreading rumours about others
    28. Not following SOPs and guidelines post lock-down - masks, shield, sanitizing, social distancing, etc
    29. Teasing and calling teachers or students by derogatory names, nicknames or short names
    30. Bringing electronic gadgets (mobile phones, tablets, bracelets, pebble steel, android bands, cameras, video games etc) and expensive materials


  2. In the above acts of misconduct,the Principal / Vice-Principal / HM shall take suitable action, as per the observation of the disciplinary COmmiNee, depending on the gravity of the misconduct, which may include
    1. Referring to Counseling sessions/Moral lectures/perfo rming exercises or physical work under the guidance of the PETs if it is a formal misconduct, not amounting to grave misconduct/moal turpitude.
    2. Recovery of loss to school property.
    3. Oral / written warnings about the students misconduct to the parents
    4. Suspension from amending classes/school for a specified period.
    5. Issue of Transfer Certificate
    6. Expulsion/rustication from school/JC in extreme/rarest of the rare cases.
    7. The decision on corrective course of action against an act of indiscipline/delinquency/negligenceshall be taken by the School/ College management.